A Moment of Time Forever Captured

A wedding is an important time of someone’s life. To have that moment, that memory, to fade away or not be captured by Doerman photography would be a great misfortune. As a photographer who was recently married I realized the mistake that some weddings can make by not hiring more than one wedding photographer. I’ve done several weddings solo and at the end of each one I’ve had nothing but complaints that I was unable to capture enough moments for their tastes. It’s incredible how expectant these people are, expecting you to be some sort of superman photographer.

So I hired the best for our own. I hired Doerman knowing that our wedding was going to be a wedding forever captured within pictures; moment after moment forever crystallized in multiple formats. Everything from digital imagery to physical pictures – the best and only way to ensure that your photographs are going to be saved. Many of my own clients would only request digital copies, making the unfortunate mistake of not paying for physical copies when it’s so easy to have digital copies lost forever thanks to a computer crash, losing a flash drive or a number of other issues that could arise.

I do my best to help them make the right decision but it never fails to shock me that someone who is being married would not want to spend as much money possible to help the moment in time that might be the one and only chance that they have to capture it. Anyone reading this now, I can only hope that they understand that not preserving the pictures through multiple copies is a mistake and that they are willing to spend the money that is necessary to ensure that the pictures they take are going to last the test of time.

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