Be Open to Suggestions from Your Lawyer

I recently fell down on the job, which put me in such pain that I ended up losing my job for not attending. You see the job I had was manual labor and for obvious reasons you were not allowed to work under the use of any kind of opiate. So when the doctor prescribed me pain meds for the injury I was not able to take them. This led to severe back pain and I just couldn’t take it anymore so they fired me. This led to me looking for a injury attorney in Chicago, I initially went to get help filing for unemployment and look at my options for getting disability. What he told me was really surprising, he went above and beyond to research my case and give me the options that were truly the best for me and told me which cases he thinks that we would be the most likely to win in court.

So we ended up going after the company for workers compensation and wrongful termination. These were two things that I had never even considered. So he was able to get me more money than I ever imagined, and the best part was that he did not want to be paid until we won our case. This showed me that he was really on my side and wanted me to win so that he himself could be paid for his time. It’s not what you’re thinking though, it’s not as if I am paying him on a percent scale, he had a flat fee that he would not accept until the end and I think the flat fee was actually pretty reasonable. I would go with him again if I ever needed it and I definitely recommend him to everyone out there that needs an injury lawyer.

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