Beach Front Palm Beach Apartments

I want to start renting an apartment in Palm Beach that is on the beach front, or as close as feasible for my price range. I am trying to get a nice apartment that is not just ridiculously expensive. It can be kind of difficult to find the right balance for what I am looking for, so I need to start looking today. I am checking out a site listing West Palm Beach Florida apartments that are currently open and available to be rented.

I have seen a few that look promising so far in my search, but I want to be pretty thorough, so that I know that I have found the right apartment, whenever it comes time to make a decision. As such, I am going to spend awhile longer looking through these listings and try to see if I can really carefully look at every apartment that is in my price range and relatively close to what I am looking for in terms of location and the size of the apartment.

One thing is for certain and that is that I do not want to end up in a tiny apartment. I cannot stand tiny apartments, as they tend to make me feel claustrophobic. It is not a good feeling to live with that sort of anxiety on a constant basis. But I have spent two years of my life living in a studio apartment, so I am all to familiar with what it feels like to be stuck in a small apartment. I would not do that again, even if I was paid a whole lot of money. Which reminds me about a recent phenomena. Lots of people across the world are buying tiny houses, and it just seems like such a ridiculous concept to me. I wonder how many people regret buying them.

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