Guess Who Is Partnering With Ainsworth Technologies

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Ainsworth Game Tech. is seeking the market warhorse Kelcey Allison. He is sure to go the product sales office as Senior Vice Executive. The formal joining time is Aug 2 2016.

Kelcey prior work ended up being as ceo of baccara online-US. Before this, he”s worked for ten many years at Global advanced casino gambling/casino climbing through the deals sector.

He eventually grabbed the national product sales as vice-president.

These is the things that the Chairman of Ainsworth has got to state: “The entire team very thrilled to have Kelcey becoming a member of all of our folks and family members”.

“Everybody under the sun understands Kelcey has actually tens of years of working exp in the casino markets. He has got created awesome client interactions and is like a image in his method. Our company is absolutely sure Kelce will offer additional command benefits to the foremost level selling department. His thoughts and experience will significantly improve our very own standing, greatly enhance all of our energy to help make a excellent impression in the hostile games betting business”.

Mr Kelcey will probably be employed in the Las Vegas, NV branches.

He can direct our No. One revenue agency of contractors indeed there.

The following is precisely what Kelcey features to state: “now i am totally pleased and privileged to be part of Ainsworth. I will really feel Ainsworth has decades of fantastic positive results. Now I wish to give my personal knowledge towards the teams and won”t wait to join the awesome family heritage as well as the group.”

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