I Am Getting Positive Feedback on My Songs

When I first started posting my songs on Reverbnation, I knew that I was just a small ripple in a huge ocean. I didn’t delude myself into thinking that I was anything special until I started listening to some of the other songs there. See, I love music. I can listen to it 24 hours a day, seven days a week if it was possible. That means that I listened to literally thousands of songs in my first few months of being a member on Reverbnation. What that taught me was that I needed to buy Reverbnation plays so my own songs would move up in the ratings.

I knew that if I could get more fans and plays, I would actually get more people to listen to what I was putting on there. The only way to do that though was either wait patiently and hope that it takes months rather than years, or take a shortcut like I did when I found a site that sells plays and fans. When I went there, I was able to find a deal that was perfect for me. Not only would I get a thousand plays, but they would show up on my account within just a few days too.

I wanted to only buy a small number to see how it worked at first, and I was completely satisfied not only with the delivery but the overall experience of getting plays this way. I decided to get 10,000 more plays to see how it helps me, and it did not take long to see just how much my Reverbnation profile needed this. I am slowly moving up in the rankings now, and it is great to see people commenting on what they hear from me now. Life was good before, but it is even better now!

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