I Just Found a New Place to Live

I just found a new place to live. Ian and I are going to move out of this place next week and we are going to split the cost of a two bedroom place at this apartment complex, http://www.creeksonkirklevington.com. It would be better for me if it was a little closer to the campus, but I am still going to be able to catch the bus and make it to school in a reasonable amount of time. Obviously there is not much point in trying to drive to school, that just leads to an endless waste of time. In fact Ian sold his car and I would be tempted to do the same if I did not need it to go see Anne on the weekends. At any rate you have to take the bus to the campus, because if you drive then you end up spending a half an hour looking for a parking space every morning. You take the bus and that usually puts right in front of the place where you want to be, or in an easy walk of it.

We had this house with two other guys, but the two of them graduated and the place is not really available any more. The guy who owned it was going to renovate the place and try to turn a big profit on it, like you always see them doing on those reality TV shows. At any rate they pretty much gave us a couple of weeks to clear out and there was not much to argue about. It was their house and they had other plans. Of course it was a bit of a dump, but the place was really cheap to live in and you could almost walk to the campus from this little place.

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