Just Found a New Job

I am down here in Phoenix looking for a place to live and trying to figure out where the best sort of place would be. Of course it is really hot down here and I can not believe it, but it also gets cold at night. I went out last night and it was blazing hot, but by the time I got back to the hotel it was sort of chilly. I met a guy who worked for one of the Phoenix High Speed internet providers and he said that they even got snow down there in the winter. In fact there are mountains down here and if you go up there it can be quite temperate from what they tell me. I got to thinking about things he was telling me and figuring that I probably needed to put a few things in my car in case there was a problem.

You go out here and get lost, you take a wrong turn and end up in the middle of nowhere and break down, that could be a very serious issue. I was thinking about how good the cell phone coverage was out in the desert. This job is going to require me to cover a big territory, from here I would be traveling all over this state and up into New Mexico, Nevada and Utah. All of those are places where you can easily end up some place where it might be hours before you see a car. That guy might be a jerk who would not stop to help you also. He might be too busy to care if you need water or medical help. This guy showed me the trunk of his car. He had a big jug of water and some other stuff in it.

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