Our AT&T Internet is Perfect for Our Needs

I see all kinds of ads on TV about getting faster Internet service. The prices are outrageous to me even though they have new customer discounts. They show families watching streaming television shows on a big screen TV and kids playing online games through a game console. We do that here, and are not paying those high Internet costs. They show mom and dad doing work on a computer such as telecommuting and videoconferencing. I do that with our Internet service, and I do not have a problem with it. We have had the same AT&T Internet service for a long time. I do not see any need for us to switch and pay more for those faster speeds.

Yes, you do need a lot of bandwidth to watch more than one HD television show or movie at one time. We don’t have a problem with that either. My wife and I watch TV in one room while the kids are watching shows they stream too in their bedrooms. Our level of bandwidth we have with AT&T is enough for us all to do what we want to do on the Internet without paying more for speed we are not even going to need or use. I think people just want more and more because that is how we think as Americans. If a one gallon size is great, then two is better. If 50 is great, then 100 has to be better. We want bigger, faster and more powerful.

We used to buy those giant bags of salad at the warehouse store and ended up throwing out half of it because it would spoil before we finished it. Now we just pay for what we need and use. It is a better way to budget money for everything from food to Internet service.

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