Pick and Place Packaging Has Increased Our Profits

An audit did projections of our market share and where we could be in a year with an investment in pick and place packaging. We had the ability to ramp up manufacturing of our confectionery product by more than 100 percent of we wanted to. What we could not do is handle packaging. From our supply line of raw materials to shipping the only bottleneck we had was packaging. It was our Achilles heel. The audit showed we could substantially increase profits and even hire more staffing if we could improve our daily packaging rate by at least 100 percent.

Doubling output could start today, but we could not get it all packaged. Our new pick and place packaging were purchased using a loan that was approved because of the audit. The new robotic packaging system let us move a lot quicker on the packing line. That increased our profits immensely since we were doubling the amount of product going out the door every day. I look at the machines work the line and I am amazed. The speed at which those arms grab product moving it delicately into its slotted packaging is incredible.

Those robotic arms work tirelessly around the clock now. After a few months of getting into new stores we are finally reaching the lower ends of saturation for our product niche. Having a highly desirable consumer item that everyone wants is good for business too. Our product has a mix of the personal human touch and robotic packaging. Customers are happy because the shelves are never empty now when they want our product. It is pretty amazing to see those packaging arms grab each confection one at a time and place it in the appropriate slot of our boxes. No product is damaged either. It is amazing how far robotics has come in the packaging industry.

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