Rewarding Myself with Pleasure Toys

I received a big refund from doing my taxes this year. To celebrate, I decided to treat myself to whatever I wanted. There was a new computer that I wanted to buy, so I spent a little on that. I bought a new phone to go with it, because the one that I had been using was pretty slow and old. This left me with $50 to spend. I thought about what would cause me pleasure the most, and then it hit me. I could get something that would cause me sexual pleasure, like sex toys.

Even though I had never tried sex toys before deciding to buy some with my refund, I was always interested in them. The changes the companies have been making to keep their toys up with the times has been amazing. They come up with all kinds of creative gadgets that can go beyond simply being interested into an orifice. There are even some that can connect to a wireless connection and be controlled through your phone. While it sounds cool, I don’t think I want to hold my phone while I’m pleasuring myself. I could see someone making a phone call or sending a text message and breaking my mood right before I’m about to reach the end.

I got a few stationary toys that rely on human movement, and a couple that have their own motor inside for motion. The motor powered toys really create a new sensation that a regular person can’t provide. They rotate around and get into areas that most people didn’t think were accessible unless the person was flexible. I made the mistake of not buying an extra set of batteries for the toy. I ran out the initial set after the first night and had to buy more from the store.

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