Sometimes Dreams Don’t Work out

My little brother was always so ambitious. When he was in middle school he won a research essay contest, first place out of 500. His dream was to become a famous soccer player, but he participated in all kinds of sports: soccer, tennis, swimming, football and wrestling. He was so athletic, until his junior year of high school. That was when his terrible car accident happened and he lost his ability to walk, he was devastated, his dream of becoming a soccer star was over. That was ten years ago, now he is a family law attorney in Chicago. It took a lot of therapy and encouragement to get him to realize that he can still have a great life. As someone who spent all of his free time exercising and doing sports, he felt like his life was over. He could no longer do the one thing he loved to do.
Eventually he realized that even though sports were the only thing he loved, it wasn’t all he was good at. He had always been a great student, rarely missed a day of school and got mostly A’s. So after a year off after graduating high school he started law school. He wanted to do something that took a lot of time and knowledge, he decided that if he can’t become a soccer star like he always dreamed, then he will at least become something that made him feel important. He now helps people who have been wrongly accused. He is a wonderful attorney, he has never lost a case in the five years he has been working. I think everyone can learn a lesson from him. Sometimes dreams don’t work out, and when they don’t you need to move on with your life and do something that you are good at. Usually if you are good at something then you can learn to love it.

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