Started Trying to Find Some Rare Movies

I met this old guy at a swap meet a couple of weeks back and he sort of got me back in to collecting movies. Of course it is something I was interested in when I was a little kid, my Dad had a bunch of old toys from horror movies. He was a big fan of the Lon Chaney type of movie, like the wolf man and those other films. Of course if you work hard enough you can find all of those old movies some place or another. If necessary you can get them on the or at least you can find most of those movies there.I went in my Dad’s collections and saw what he had. Of course he has a bunch of movies on DVD now and he has a pretty expensive collection. He has spent years collecting them and some times he has found the movies for nothing, other times he has had to pay big prices to buy something rare on an internet auction.

Of course it is not like my Dad has lottery millions and he is not spending a lot of money he can not afford on old movies. Neither am I, but I am looking to see what I really want and how I can get it at the best price. The hunt is pretty much what my Dad seems to enjoy more than anything. You have to find the thing that you really want badly enough to go out of your way to get it. Then the challenge is to see if you can get a good deal on a great copy. You have to be very careful or you end up paying for something which is not worth any money at all. You might get a version that is butchered for one thing.

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