Web Sites That Are Easy to Understand

I was trying to buy a pair of pants from a national retailer online for my daughter but I had a really hard time trying to understand the process of checking out from my online basket. There were so many questions that were asked before I could even enter in my billing information on where to charge the pants. I really needed these pants for her school play and I was getting really frustrated so I had to call to place my order. I am used to dealing with sites like cheapestsatellitetv.org/ where it is really easy to go to the web site and sign up for their satellite TV services. Instead of being upset, I decided that I was going to go and write an email to their customer service to tell them that since they were a national retailer that they should really look to improve a customer’s experience on their web site, I thought it would probably fall on deaf ears.

You should imagine my surprise when I got an email back from them, telling me that they understood why I had such a difficult time with the purchasing and they told me that they had to make sure that they had my input for the actual web site redesign. They wanted me to test out a few different web sites in the upcoming weeks that were off line but to me they would appear just like if it were on line and the real thing. I really thought it was great that they were going to allow me to go online and actually test it out for them. My friends thought that it was great so they went online and looked at what I was able to do and then emailed them their opinions as well.

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