What year 250 two stroke dirt bike will get me the most for my money?

  1. I am looking to buy a 250cc two stroke dirt bike. I have a 125cc two stroke and a 500cc two stroke and I definitely need something in between. My question is what year and what brand will get me the most for my money? I am only looking to spend $ 1,000 which will only get me about a 1999 250 two stroke around here. Or is it worth it to get like a 2001-2003 for more?

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    Answer by Cholly
    Anything over 5 years old is going to be pretty pounded, because, well, its a dirt bike and thats what you do with them. Pound the tar out of them and have fun. Try to find an “adult owned” one as cheap as you can(because hopefully they at least did some actual maintenance) and use any extra money for new reed valves, fork seals and what not.

  2. My dad think dirt bike its dangerous and wont let me buy a dirt bike. But i rode a TTR 90 and a KXL110. All my friends have bikes and quads. I really need help looking for a cheap and good dirt bike for beginners. Please leave bike suggestions

    Answer by Ron S
    How much do you have to spend? I always like the honda xl 80s and 100 those are good for beginners.

  3. I want to get my motorcycle license and I want to get a cheap used dirt bike to start with for a little bit then work my way up to a Harley eventually. I just figure a dirtbike could be fun for a little bit since Im not a croch rocket type of person. My question is what do you need to do to a standard dirt bike to get it street legal? What are some good dirt bike manufacturers? And what happens of you get caught with a non street legal dirtbike, with and without a license?
    Another reason I want just a dirt bike is the fact that I drive 6-7 minutes to work and the less I need to use my truck the better. And it is also down a back road that isnt traveled too much.

    Answer by …
    It would be cheaper to get a bike. You would have to add at least one mirror, headlight, tail light, brake lights (that is in my state, I dont know where you are), registration, and insurance. In some states, Dirt bikes can not be registered at all. In mine and others, you will need a state police inspection for a custom build. Insurance will not only see the dirt bike (lots of scratches and damage to insure for), they will see the “custom” part and you will be paying more for the insurance than the bike.

    My suggestion for you is to either find an old cruiser or even better would be a Enduro. This is a dirt bike that is street legal. All the major bike makers (except HD) make dirt bikes, Another big brand is KMX, and you can Google others.

    If you get caught, they at least impound your bike, and you will owe LOTS, and you wont get your license or bike license until you are 18. Plus you will have fines, court costs, and your insurance will sky rocket

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